About Fallon Nevada

About Our Community

Welcome to Churchill County, Nevada!

Churchill County is the "Oasis of Nevada”. Surrounded by high desert plains, full of green fields and pastures, Fallon is the county seat. Fallon is located 60 miles east of Reno and 70 miles east of the California border at the junction of Highways 50 and 95A. Churchill County is home to approximately 26,247 people. Of that number, 8,386 people reside within the city limits of Fallon. It has 22 churches, a newspaper, two radio stations, six public schools, a classical private school, a municipal airport, a movie theater, numerous restaurants, a county museum and a public library. Visit www.visitfallonnevada.com to find out more about many of these businesses and organizations!

Fallon is also home to the Fallon Naval Air Station. In addition to generating $517 million for the local economy, NAS Fallon provides $84 (replace) million in direct payroll for personnel working at the base in 4,586 jobs, and creates $22 million in state and local taxes. (source: The Fallon Post, March 15, 2019)

A new state-of-the-art county hospital opened recently, and serves the Fallon community as well as the air station. The Churchill County Parks and Recreation Department offers numerous recreation programs, and supports two public swimming pools.

Our elevation is 3,965 feet. During the summer months, our temperatures average 93.8F during the day and 67F at night. The main crops are alfalfa and prized Hearts of Gold cantaloupes. Cattle, sheep, hog, horses and dairy cows are raised for sale as well. The average annual precipitation is 4.88 inches.

Fallon is situated in the beautiful Lahontan Valley. The region is a part of a prehistoric lake bed. Lake Lahontan was created in 1905 as part of the Newlands Reclamation Project. It is located 18 miles from Fallon, and features camping, boating, swimming and fishing areas.

Local points of interest include Grimes Point and Hidden Caves archaeological sites, Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge, Cold Springs Pony Express Station, earthquake faults, Soda Lake and Sand Mountain (a 600 foot high sand dune that is popular with off-road vehicle enthusiasts). Click here to learn more about these attractions in our area.